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Fremont Gallery Walk

Join us in celebrating the harmonious blend of art, culture, and community spirit. Let the Gallery Walk be your doorway to inspiration, connection, and a deeper appreciation of the talent that thrives within our city. Whether you walk away with a newfound love for art, cherished memories, or a precious artwork to call your own, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Gallery Walk
Hosted by MainStreet of Fremont in collaboration with downtown businesses

Twice a year, as the seasons shift into the vibrancy of spring and the golden hues of fall, the heart of our downtown transforms into a living art gallery. The Gallery Walk is a testament to the city's rich artistic tapestry, where local businesses partner with gifted artists, offering them a platform to shine and share their creative endeavors with the public.

Whether you're an art enthusiast, curious local, or a visitor seeking a unique experience, this is your chance to explore a kaleidoscope of art forms. From contemporary pieces and avant-garde installations to classic sculptures and timeless paintings, the range and diversity of the artwork on display cater to every artistic palate.

Event Highlights:

Local Fusion: Experience how our vibrant local businesses embrace art, as they become temporary art galleries, each echoing the spirit and style of the artists they host.
- Diverse Artistry: Get introduced to a myriad of artistic talents, from emerging names who bring fresh perspectives, to established artists who've been shaping our community's art scene.
- Stroll & Explore: There's no rush! Wander through downtown at your own pace, letting your curiosity guide your path, making delightful discoveries along the way.
- Complimentary Participation: Celebrating art shouldn’t come with a price tag. Everyone is invited to partake in this visual feast, free of charge.
- Your Artistic Map: To ensure you don't miss out on any part of this art-filled journey, complimentary maps detailing the participating businesses and featured artists are readily available. You can pick up a physical copy at any of the participating downtown businesses, or access it online for a seamless digital experience.

Download your map.

There will be printed maps at artist locations. If you would like to print your own, click the button below.

Map is subject to change before the day of the event. Check back here for the most up to date version.

Downtown Business Sign Up

Fill out this form to be contacted about hosting an artist!

Sign up limited to businesses located within the downtown district.

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Photos courtesy of Richard Rader
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